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Recent Projects
Rescue Air Systems, Inc. For nearly 20 years, RescueAir has been known around the world as the inventor, innovator and leader in firefighter air replenishment systems technology. The RescueAir system was born out of the ashes of one of the worst high-rise fires in California history. When a fire broke out on the 10th floor of a 62 story building, it took 383 firefighters from 64 companies to put out the blaze. We worked with Elected Officials, Fire Department Staff and the Fire Union to preserve this vital life saving equipment.
Canna Culture Collective

Canna Culture Collective is a not-for-profit Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in San Jose. We manage compliance and government affairs with the City of San Jose Staff and Elected Officials with a specific focus on compliance with Municipal Ordinances Title 20 and Title 6.
California Waste Solutions, Inc.

We sold property for California Waste Solutions, Inc. located at Timothy Drive in San Jose and assisted in obtaining their land use permits.
M8Trix in San Jose Garden City, Inc dba Casino M8trix is a California Card Club that has over 700 employees. Casino M8trix opened a brand new $55 million facility in San Jose and near the new San Francisco 49'ers Stadium in Santa Clara. We maintained government relations by interacting with the City of San Jose Managers Office, staff, Elected Officials and handled public relations and media relations for the Casino (including on camera television, radio & newsprint interviews).
Yellow Checker Cab
Yellow Checker Cab Company, Incorporated 400 taxi cabs in their Affiliate network of drivers and has been in the taxi business since 1938.

We are interfacing with City of San Jose Staff and Elected Officials to assist Yellow Checker Cab submit a RFP with the City of San Jose Mineta International Airport.
Lee Bros., Inc.

We sold propery for Lee Bros., Inc. located at Gish Road in San Jose and assisted in obtaining their land use permits.
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